NABBA is looking for successful and enthusiastic competition promoters to produce events from conception through to completion.

Competition promoter responsibilities include establishing and managing successful & memorable events that meet NABBA USA’s quality expectations.

We believe that the sport of bodybuilding is an ideal means for achieving total physical fitness and bodily perfection.  It is a constructive force for developing discipline of the mind as well as of the body.  We believe that this discipline should find expression not only in quality health habits and planned physical exercise, but also in clean living, quality sportsmanship, and friendly relationships between competitors, officials, and administrators.NABBA USA


We believe that the dedicated, hardworking athlete not only deserves professionally run competitions with qualified judges, but also recognition, publicity, and respect.NABBA USA



Promoter Key Responsibilities:

  • Location

  • Facilities

  • Staff

  • Judging

  • Security

  • Attendance

  • Attire

  • Registration

  • Entertainment

  • Audio/Video

  • Transportation

  • Special Guests

  • Equipment

  • Promotional Materials

  • Membership


Contact us today if you would like to learn how you can organize a NABBA sanctioned event in your area!



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