NABBA always welcomes individuals interested in NABBA Judge Officiant Certification.

Certification Requires 4 Steps –  NABBA USA Membership – background validation, written exam, and apprenticeship under a NABBA Apprentice Judge Coordinator.

  1. Membership – Membership is required for any participant of NABBA sanctioned activities.

  2. Background – Demonstrated ability to evaluate and score multiple competitors.

  3. Written – Online test of your knowledge of NABBA rules and regulations.

  4. Apprenticeship – Shadowing and Pre-Judging with Apprentice Judge Coordinator


  1. Applicant Biography – Tell us about yourself.

  • Education

  • Your background and experience within the fitness and/or bodybuilding community

  • Coaching competitors experience

  • Certifications and/or degrees in related fitness/exercise fields

  • Your specific interests as they pertain to the NABBA and being considered for becoming a NABBA judge.

  • Why do you want to become a NABBA judge and why would you make a great NABBA judge?

  • 500 Words or less Email –


  1. Written Test – NABBA Rules and Regulations

  • Written tests are provided at NABBA USA sanctioned contests hosting a NABBA Judging Clinic.

  • Written exams can be taken upon arrival for apprenticeship (Step 3) – provided arrangements have been made with the Director of Judging.

  • Minimum Passing Score is 85%.

    • Apprenticeship is prohibited for all applicants unable to pass the written exam.

    • Judging is prohibited for all applicants unable to pass the written exam.

  1. Apprenticeship Judging:

    Please visit our website and familiarize yourself with each division’s “NABBA Rules and Guidelines”. This can be found on the “Athletes” link on the homepage.

  • When apprentice judging you will be sitting in the judge’s area, scoring the event (prejudging only) along with the official judges.

  • The Apprentice Judge Coordinator will instruct you on how to properly fill out your scoring sheets.

  • Every judge should score the contestants on their own opinion, using criteria established by the NABBA Judges should minimize communication between themselves, but they can confer with the head judge if necessary.

    • For example, a judge can ask the head judge to view the contestants from different positions in the lineup, or ask to have specific competitors called out into the lineup.

  • After prejudging, the Apprentice Judge Coordinator will obtain your paperwork and calculate your scores relative to the official judging scores that day.

  • Apprentice judges must provide a relative score of 85% or higher to complete qualification.

  • NABBA Judge Officiant Certification costs $100 and must be renewed 3 years from completion date.



Contact us today to learn how you can become certified NABBA® Judge Officiant.



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