Welcome to NABBA USA,

Whether you’re a potential competitor or an existing member catching up on our latest news; or a promoter, sponsor or fitness enthusiast just looking for new opportunities to learn, I trust you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Bodybuilding is my life, and my life’s work.I am proud to say that I’m an “old-school” bodybuilder, and I believe in the pursuit of the health, fitness, balance, symmetry, and beauty.

These principles were instilled upon me by a former NABBA competitor by the name of Joe Weider.

Joe was my mentor and dearest friend. Before his passing in 2013 we’d discussed the principles of a federation based upon athlete equality, competition opportunity, and the beauty within the pursuit of the perfect specimen of mankind.

Currently, the sport of bodybuilding is monopolized and therefore missing each of one these critical elements – so I have decided to do something about it…

As President of NABBA USA my objective will be to further the development of the National Amateur Bodybuilding Association by focusing on the needs of the athlete, the founding principles of NABBA, and the aesthetic potential of the human form – which inspired me to pick up my very first dumbbell.

It is my honor to serve the legacy of NABBA, and bring back some of the “old school” principles that our founders established long before the market-driven focus of today, and it is my duty to serve the legacy of my late friend Joe.

In the coming months, our members will be provided unique access to education, publications, competitions, resources, and much more.


Yours Sincerely,

Eddie Robinson

NABBA USA President

  • WBF/IFBB Pro

  • Mr. USA

  • Mr. America