• Active NABBA USA Membership is required for all participants.



Competitors will be checked-in, measured, and weighed upon arrival and registration.


Judging Criteria

Women’s Fitness focuses primarily upon feminine muscle shape.NABBA USA

  • Excessive size, definition, or striations, will result in lower scores.




  • All Competitor Attire will be inspected upon morning check-in.

  • Competitors will compete in a two-piece swimsuit.

  • Suit bottom must be v-shaped.

  • No thongs are permitted.

  • All swimsuits must be in good taste and not revealing.

  • Competitors must wear high heels

  • Competitors may wear jewelry.




  • Posing music is limited to solely to Final Round events.

    • Pre-judging does not include musical aperture

  • Posing music must be on a recorded CD or approved USB device according to competition organizer.

    • Posing routine must be cued to the start of the music prior to check-in.

    • Vulgar lyrics or illicit content of any kind is not permitted.

      • Violations of music guidelines or usage of vulgar lyrics will result in disqualification.




  • During the Prejudging & Finals, competitors are not permitted to wear any jewelry other than a wedding band.

  • Decorative pieces in the hair are not permitted.

  • No glasses (excluding prescription) or props are permitted onstage.

  • No chewing of gum is allowed on stage.

  • Any competitor doing the “Moon Pose” will be disqualified.

  • Lying on the floor is prohibited.

  • We expect you to act as professional on stage and to treat all Competitors with respect.

  • No bumping or shoving are allowed. First and second persons involved will be disqualified.

  • Competitors numbers will be worn on the left side of the suit bottom.

  • During finals, we expect you act as adults with your placing.  No pouting, vulgar language, tossing your award, etc. is allowed.

    • Violations will result in a lifetime ban from NABBA USA®.




  • Backstage access is restricted to competitors, expediters, and NABBA officials.

Rounds of Competition

Presentation Round:

  • 2-Piece Swimsuit & High Heels

  • Competitors will be brought on stage and lined up for Quarter Turns.

Judges will use six (6) aspects to score this round using the following criteria:

  1. Firmness

  2. Symmetry

  3. Proportion

  4. Complexion

  5. Poise

  6. Overall Presentation


Fitness Routine Round:

Each competitor will perform a maximum two-minute routine.

Judges will use four (4) aspects to score this round using the following criteria:

  1. Strength– The quantity and types of Strength moves – degree of difficulty – ease and execution.

  2. Flexibility– The quantity and types of Flexibility moves degree of difficulty – ease and execution.

  3. Cardiovascular The tempo of the routine.

  4. Overall Package– Full general assessment including but not limited to creativity, stage presence, outfits, hair, make-up, effortless movement.

Additional Information Regarding Fitness Routine –

  • The fitness routine and will be scored as 1/3 on Physique/2-Piece Swimsuit and 2/3 on the 2 Minute Fitness Routine.

  • The 2 Minute Fitness Routine scores will be doubled.


The mandatory movements within the routine, in no specific order, in Women’s Fitness are as follows:

  1. Push Up (of any kind)
  2. High Kicks
  3. Straddle Hold
  4. Side Split


  • The Physique/2-Piece Swimsuit round will be judged during prejudging and the 2 Minute Fitness Routine will be performed and scored during finals.

  • It is suggested that finals begin with the 2 Minute Fitness Routine.

Final Rounds

  • All competitors will be introduced at the finals wearing two-piece swimsuits.

    • Only the finalists will perform their routines.

  • After all classes are completed – trophies will be awarded.

    • At competitions where there is more than one class the class winners will be brought back in their two-piece swimsuits.

  • Quarter turns will be performed.

  • The judges will then decide on the overall winner based on their physique and routine.

Competitor Classes

  • Organizers will have the option to choose to have any of the following weight classes of competitors for Regional & Amateur competitions:


1 Height Class – (Regional Competitions)

2 Height Classes

  • Up to and including 5’3”

  • Over 5’3”



Organizers will have the option to choose to have any of the following height classes of competitors for National & Professional qualifying competitions:


  • Up to and including 5’2”

  • Over 5’2” and up to and including 5’4-1/2”

  • Over 5’4-1/2

Competitor Health

  • Your health is very important to us and if it appears you are disoriented, light-headed or you are experiencing serve cramping you will not be permitted to compete.

    • Any competitor disqualified for health reasons must be checked by the attending EMT and, if it is advised by the EMT, must go to the nearest hospital for evaluation.

    • Competitors who refuse to be evaluated by the EMT or at the hospital will be suspended from competition for a period of one year from the date of the occurrence.

Definition of a Novice

Competitors placed in the top ten (10) of any national competition then the Competitors is no longer considered a novice.

A true novice is an Competitors that has never entered an NABBA event.



National Competitor Qualifications – Women’s Physique

  • Competitors that place 1st – 5th in each class at national qualifying contests.

  • Qualification is valid 1 year from the date of the contest.



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